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One World Beyond Its Competitive Categories

This year's One World programme will once again highlight thematic film categories. What films can you anticipate this time around?

In addition to films being presented under the classic competitive film categories (i.e. the Czech Competition, International Competition, Immersive Films Competition, and the Right to Know Competition), the 26th edition of the One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival also features non-competing films. These films are divided into the following thematic categories: Identities, Structures of Power, The Middle East, Ecosystems, Searching for Freedom, On the Edge of Maturity, and Communities. Families are also welcome to our cinema halls for the Docs For Families thematic film category.

On the Edge of Maturity

On the Edge of Maturity is a thematic category exploring the delicate transition from childhood to adulthood. In the acclaimed feature film Monster, we follow the narrative of a student and teacher and discover our own shocking tendency to quickly pass moral judgement despite being presented with ambiguous facts. The film won the Best Screenplay Award at Cannes Film Festival. Offering another perspective on this pivotal phase of life is the documentary film Summer Qamp, set in Alberta, Canada where every year queer adolescents flock to find solace and support.

Searching for Freedom

Featured in the Searching for Freedom category is the highly praised film Io capitano, centring on two teenage boys who decide to leave Senegal's Dakar behind and embark on a journey to Europe. The film was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 81st Golden Globe Awards. When is it time to move on? This question is raised in the film Hotel Metalurg, which follows refugees from the Georgian-Abkhazian war who have lived in decaying Soviet-era hotels in a Georgian spa town for over thirty years.


In the mesmerising film La Singla from the Identities category, viewers are drawn into a captivating journey as the protagonist sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding the famous flamenco dancer that vanished—an enigmatic figure who captivated audiences with her dance, charismatic presence, and intriguing ambiguity. Meanwhile, in the film Queendom, audiences are invited to witness the stirring tale of a central character's impassioned pursuit of equality through the transformative power of performative art. Against the backdrop of a repressive regime in Russia, art emerges as a potent voice for the oppressed, echoing the resilience and determination of those fighting for justice and freedom.

Structures of Power

In the documentary For the Time Being, the protagonist attempts to break through seemingly impenetrable Structures of Power to prove her husband’s innocence. Tackling a similar theme from a different perspective, the film Dogs Are People Too examines the current state of the legal system and offers a provocative reflection on how we consider other living beings to be our property by law.


Throughout history, communities have woven the fabric of human existence. You can delve into one such community in the intriguing film Knit's Island, where the creators plunge into the immersive world of the DayZ computer game. Here, they unravel the intricate dynamics of the gaming community, unveiling tales of camaraderie, survival, and virtual adventure all within a fictional post-apocalyptic setting. Cryptocurrency: the greatest thing since sliced bread or just an inflated bubble? Step into this chaotic world in the documentary comedy Bull Run where you’ll gain firsthand insight into the relentless obsession with trading in this volatile realm.


How do nature and humans coexist? The Ecosystems category offers potential answers. In the groundbreaking documentary Fauna, for example, you’ll discover pressing issues regarding the harmonious coexistence of people, animals, and science. The film transports viewers to pastoral landscapes where sheep graze side-by-side with cutting-edge laboratories racing to develop anti-COVID vaccines. Meanwhile, in Nuclear Nomads, you’ll follow the nomadic personnel of nuclear power plants as they traverse the country in caravans, navigating the complexities of their high-stakes profession. As the tantalising question looms—can they earn their fortunes before the looming spectre of radiation takes its toll?—prepare for a cinematic experience that challenges perceptions and illuminates the delicate balance between progress and preservation.

Structures of Power

The intricate dynamics of law, authority, and human resilience take centre stage in the Structures of Power category. Witness Malaysian director Lay Jin Ong’s compelling feature debut, Abang Adik, a poignant tale of two orphaned souls struggling to navigate the harsh realities of poverty in the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur. Journey deep into the heart of Russian history alongside esteemed historian Yuri Dmitriev in the riveting documentary The Dmitriev Affair, helmed by director Jessica Gorter, who narrates. Amidst the haunting shadows of the Russian forests, Dmitriev's relentless quest for truth unveils the chilling horrors of Stalinist terror, defying the iron grip of the state's power.

The Middle East

In the Middle East category, the festival will screen the world premiere of the film Nila's Dream in the Garden of Eden, which portrays an Iranian mother who is deeply affected by the practice of temporary marriages and finds herself embroiled in a battle for her only daughter’s future. In the film Q, director Jude Chehab offers a captivating glimpse into the enigmatic and closely guarded women's communities of conservative Islam.

Docs For Families

Also worth mentioning is One World’s special programme for young viewers and their parents. Under the Docs for Families category, children will have the chance to experience films that explore the lives of other kids their age from around the world. These films form a part of the morning screenings tailored for schools. However, you can also catch them at the Family Screenings from 23 to 25 March.


You can find the complete festival programme at https://www.oneworld.cz/programme. Tickets are on sale now on GoOut.

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