In recent years, One World has dedicated a separate category to ecological issues. Whilst films addressing this topic continue to feature this year, we now approach the topic from a fresh perspective. How do nature, humans, and other entities coexist to form complex ecosystems? 

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One exemplary film that examines the intricate dialogue between humanity and nature is Fauna. Despite their close geographical proximity, a Spanish farm and a scientific laboratory for pharmaceutical development take starkly contrasting approaches to their local environment, particularly with regard to animals. Another thematically layered documentary is Rahčan – Ella's Riot. The film follows a Sami singer and activist who engages in fierce battles on two fronts – one for the rights of the untouched environment and one for the indigenous people of Norway. 

As the Tide Comes In takes audiences on a trip into the captivating microcosm of a small Danish island where climate change and flooding pose a serious, imminent threat. Despite the sword of Damocles dangling over them, a handful of stubborn locals continue to live out their lives as normal, navigating both the small-scale and larger dramas that life brings. Meanwhile, a new ecosystem for living and a way of relating to the world emerges in a small Nepalese village in Namaste Himalaya. The film follows the German couple Anna and Michael, a pair of hitchhikers travelling the world, whose adventures are brought to an abrupt halt by COVID. Can they manage to discover new values in life, or will the pandemic get the better of them? 

The protagonists of Nuclear Nomads eagerly anticipate new horizons. Their livelihood revolves around constantly moving from one nuclear power plant to another in pursuit of enough earnings to start afresh. However, the looming spectre of radiation and their nomadic lifestyle cast doubt on whether they will succeed before succumbing to the inevitable toll. 

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