Consultancy Services

Did you know that up to 40% of the population have mobility difficulties, spatial orientation issues, or problems understanding information presented in traditional formats? For some, the situation is only temporary; for others, it is a lifelong issue.

Consultancy services for accessible culture

People with such accessibility issues represent a large part of society for whom your cultural event may be less accessible – or even completely inaccessible. 

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Lenka Lovicarová

What do we know how to do?

Ve velké moderní místnosti sedí v kruhu lidé u stolu a sledují prezentaci na projekčním plátně. U plána stojí osoba a překládá prezentaci do českého znakového jazyka.

Workshops: How to make cultural events accessible

We organize seminars to make culture and communication more accessible, not only for people with disabilities.

Žena vysvětluje znakovým jazykem, kde lze na webových stránkách nají informace o programu festivalu. Vedle sebe má na stole otevřený počítač s otevřenými stránkami.

Information Accessible in Various Formats

We provide information to our public in a range of formats that are also aimed at people with various disabilities.

Děti v kině zvedají ruce a povídají si o filmu. V sále je tlumené osvětlení.

Relaxed Screenings

We organise relaxed screenings for audience members with mental disabilities, people with autism, and families with small children.

Audio Descriptions

We provide audio descriptions for selected films for the benefit of those who are blind or have impaired vision.


Selected events are interpreted into Czech Sign Language.

Films with Czech Subtitles

We screen films with Czech subtitles, so that those who are deaf or hard of hearing can enjoy them. Descriptive captions are provided for selected films.

What do we offer?

Grafická ikonka, stylizovaný obrázek člověka na vozíku


We will map your accessibility and identify any physical or informational barriers that exist.

Grafická ikonka, stylizované znakující ruce

Concept Design

We will create a concept made to measure, starting with an initial visit to your website and ending with the gala opening screening or event launch.

Grafická ikonka, písmena AD se znázorněním zvuku dvěma oblýma linkama.

Assistance with the process

We will lead you through the entire process so that you do not have to tackle it alone, and will introduce you to experts for the proposed measures.

Grafická ikonka, stylizovaná kresba ucha s linkou přes ucho a písmenkem T.

Implementation Support

We will help you to implement measures so that they meet your needs, and also check that they work.

One World for all


The One World International Human Rights Film Festival wants to be as accessible as possible to all members of the audience.

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We offer

Accessibility audit

Ready to go for it? We will map in detail how your institution or event stands up concerning accessibility. Not only do we identify shortcomings, but we also propose meaningful and feasible measures to improve accessibility. 


We offer

Team training

In the form of an experience workshop, we will show you what is involved in creating meaningful accessibility. Under the guidance of our specialists, we will help you map barriers to your event or organisation. We will teach you how to communicate with people who are physically, hearing or visually disabled. You will get tips by which you will be up to 100% more accessible.

The workshop takes 2 hours, for a group of 12 people maximum.