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The international competition features eleven titles, which includes premieres and acclaimed or award-winning films from other world festivals. These films, both in content and form, offer remarkable insights from both highly visible regions and countries that are often overlooked. 

Ilustrační obrázek

Among them is Bhutan, where the government dispatches an Agent of Happiness to gauge the population’s levels of well-being. The film, which offers a picturesque portrayal of the mountainous nation, its cultural traditions and social challenges, competed for the jury prize at Sundance. Ultimately, the prize went to an impressive Norwegian narrative depicting a family's journey through A New Kind of Wilderness, in which they’re forced to leave behind everything they've ever known. 

The future of the younger generation is also addressed in Venezuela: Country of Lost Children, which highlights the challenges of just surviving until adulthood in this country, let alone of attaining a fulfilling, dignified life. The raw and stylish KIX explores the cloudy prospects of adolescents in a socially deprived environment, this time within sight of our own borders. 

Hollywoodgate brings an explosive blend of information and emotion to the competition. In a film where every scene could mean the death sentence for the filmmaker, we gain a rare glimpse into the heart of the Taliban as they seize a hastily abandoned American military base and its assets worth billions of dollars. 

Meanwhile, Shaman's Tale introduces a Quixotic motif of resistance against Putin, whilst the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is also addressed in an intimate portrait of three generations of women entitled A Bit of a Stranger, which premiered at this year's Berlinale. 

Awarded for Best Director at the IDFA festival, one film recounts the story of a young filmmaker whose month-long internship in Norway was extended to seven years due to border closures in his native Gaza. Despite the constant threat of deportation, the author's exceptionally positive message reminds us that Life Is Beautiful

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