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The Middle East and North Africa, often abbreviated as MENA, have always been areas of focus for One World. In these regions, there are always numerous pressing issues that compel filmmakers to capture them on camera, whether it's the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the status of women in Iran and Syria, or the situation in Yemen or Lebanon. 

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Three films from Iran are featured in this category this year, including Terrestrial Verses, which presents a series of fictional narratives that help chart the various forms of oppression occurring within the Islamic Republic. Through a striking alternation of just a few shots, viewers are immersed in the systemic humiliations faced by the Iranian population on a daily basis. Equally compelling is the formally unique The Mother of All Lies, which investigates decades of unspoken community trauma in Morocco, employing puppets to help convey its message. 

Mourning in Lod presents an immensely powerful story riddled with twists, echoing the relentless cycle of violence and animosity that permeates present-day Israel and Palestine. The return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan is depicted in a similar fashion in Riders on the Storm, which follows the coup’s impact on the fates of champions in the unique local sport of buzkashi. 

As we move to Syria, the focus shifts to a collective of actresses whose innovative project sheds light on the status of women in the country. Under the Sky of Damascus portrays Syria not only as a war-torn nation, but also as a hotbed of misogyny and the suppression of women's rights. Determined to confront these issues head-on, the group engages in mutual discussions and stages a compelling theatrical performance. 

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