Režisérka Helena Třeštíková na pódiu přebírá cenu za svůj film René – Vězeň svobody.

The Czech Competition Jury Special Award went to film René – The Prisoner of Freedom.

Director: Helena Třeštíková

The Czech Competition Jury Special Award went to director Helena Třeštíková’s film René – The Prisoner of Freedom. In its reasoning, the jury said:

“What is the meaning of it all? I think this is what we all try to find out, is it not? This is the theme of many documentaries. It takes time to answer the question and if you are like the protagonist of this film, many personal complications are brought to the screen. Doesn’t our society often let down unique and complicated people on their way to finding their purpose in life? It needs a great director with a unique eye and a lot of patience to understand the ups and downs of this very charming and special person.”