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The Immersive Films Competition Jury Award goes to the project I Took a Lethal Dose of Herbs

The Immersive Films Competition Jury awarded their prize to the virtual reality project that demonstrated the most significant social impact within the Immersive Films Competition category. Evaluation criteria include the innovative use of immersive technology and compelling narratives aimed at raising awareness of human rights issues. This year's jury consisted of game theorist Tereza Fousek Krobová, cultural manager Nela Klajbanová, and producer and screenwriter Weronika M Lewandowska.

Regarding the winning project, I Took a Lethal Dose of Herbs by director Yvette Granata, the jury stated:

“We appreciated the film’s exploration of such critical topics as mental health and the right to abortion. It portrays how our environment can significantly impact us and unveils the detrimental effects of relationships that impose a singular perspective on the world, emphasising their toxic nature.” They added, “Virtual reality enables the audience to directly experience the harrowing emotions of the main character and completely immerse themselves in a distressing scenario that reflects a reality closer to home than we might wish.”