Ředitel festivalu, Ondřej Kamenický, drží cenu.

The International Competition Jury Award for Best Film goes to Life Is Beatiful by Mohamed Jabaly

The films were judged by prominent film experts from the Czech Republic and abroad, including the project manager for the Baltic Sea Forum for Documentaries, Zane Balčus; Danish director Lea Glob; and producer and director Mark Jonathan Harris.

The International Competition Jury Award for Best Film went to Life Is Beautiful by director Mohamed Jabaly. In this very personal documentary, young Palestinian filmmaker Mohamed sets out on his first journey to Europe, unaware that what was meant to be just a month-long stay in Norway would eventually transform into an involuntary exile, shrouded in uncertainty with no foreseeable conclusion in sight.

"The documentary tenderly portrays the difficult fate of a filmmaker from Gaza, who, due to the political situation in his homeland, was forced into exile. He finds himself stateless and must face rigid bureaucracy but finds inspirational support within the small Norwegian community. Through its humour and challenging diary format, the film remarkably captures the human dilemma of an individual caught in the grip of political forces beyond his control. It tells a universal story of perseverance, strength, and hope with incredible sensitivity to what unites us," explained the jury.