Čttyři osoby na pódiu. Jedna osoba drží plaketu s nápisem Homo Homini Award.

The One World festival begins in Prague

The 26th edition of the International Film Festival One World begins today in Prague, Boskovice, Jeseník, Šumperk, and Vsetín. This year, the festival will present a total of 96 feature films and 10 film projects segmented in virtual reality. In addition to award-winning films, you can also look forward to world premieres. For the first time this year, the festival will also feature a selection of fictional films, attracting even more viewers.

The evening preceding the festival's opening day was dedicated to the presentation of the Homo Homini Award. Since the 1990s, non-profit organisation People in Need has bestowed this award upon individuals and groups who have made significant contributions to the safeguarding of human rights and democracy. Director Agnieszka Holland delivered the opening remarks for the formal event, touching upon various topics including the global state of human rights.

“On the one hand, there is the cradle of freedom and solidarity, democracy, and human rights. On the other hand, the worst imaginable crimes against humanity. Festivals like One World play a tremendous role in raising awareness. They serve as vital platforms for spreading both knowledge and empathy," said the director. 

The Homo Homini Award was presented by Agnieszka Holland to the editor-in-chief of Abzas Media, Leyla Mustafayeva. After her speech addressing the state of press freedom in Azerbaijan and the activities of Abzas Media, presenter Linda Bartošová read a letter written from prison by one of the arrested members of the Abzas Media newsroom, Ulvi Hasanli, addressed to his young daughter. 

Beginning Wednesday, you can attend screenings at most cinemas in Prague, including the screening rooms at the Municipal Library. From 6:00 pm onwards, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a masterclass led by renowned Polish director Agnieszka Holland. During this session, the acclaimed filmmaker will present her feature film Green Border, which was inspired by real-life events and sheds light on the enduring reality of societal divisions in contemporary Europe. 

Wednesday also marks the beginning of both the International and Czech Competitions. As part of the Czech Competition, the ceremonial premiere of the film Home Land will take place in Ponrepo at 8:30 pm, accompanied by director Širín Nafariehová. Her time-lapse documentary closely follows the stories of five young individuals from Russia and Ukraine, chronicling their efforts to integrate into Czech society. 

The first day of the festival will reach its climax at 8:00 pm when One World will officially launch with the film 20 Days in Mariupol in the large hall of Cinema Lucerna. The war documentary is noted for having won an Oscar just two weeks ago. Although this screening is sold out, organisers of the festival have added several additional screenings due to popular demand. 

The basic ticket price for screenings is 130 CZK. ZTP and ZTP/P cardholders are entitled to a 50% discount whilst their accompanying guardians get free entry. If you plan on attending multiple screenings, we highly recommend one of our discounted ticket packages. 

Tickets for screenings and further details can be found on the festival website at www.oneworld.cz/programme.