Igor Blaževič a režisér Caiao Cavechini na pódiu drží cenu a kytici.

In the Right To Know category, the Václav Havel Jury awarded the Václav Havel Jury Prize for Best Film to a work that profoundly advances the cause of human rights protection.

Comprised of distinguished human rights defenders and representatives from the NGO sector and institutions, the jury featured notable figures such as Libyan journalist and human rights advocate Noura Al Jerbi; Georgiana Gheorghe, Executive Director of the prominent human rights organisation APADOR-CH; and Katarzyna Batko-Tołuć, Program Director of the Civic Watchdog Network in Poland.

The Václav Havel Jury Prize for Best Film was awarded to Extremists.br, directed by Brazilian documentary filmmaker Caio Cavechini. The film offers insight into Brazil’s divided society, where threats and violence are common tactics used by right-wing extremists.

"The film effectively illustrates how the utilisation of social media and emerging technological platforms can wield manipulative power, fostering societal divisions, fuelling violence, discrediting credible sources, and eroding the foundations of basic democratic institutions. Through a focused examination of a particular state, the film delivers a sobering narrative, highlighting the dire consequences of unchecked disinformation and the urgent need for proactive measures to counter its pervasive influence," commented the jury on their decision.