Immersive Films Competition

The Competition of Immersive Films showcases a curated selection of interactive virtual reality projects and 360° films that explore human rights themes in the broadest sense of the word.

Ilustrační obrázek z filmu

From contemplations of geological time (Texada) and feminist explorations of pressing social issues (Missing 10 Hours) to spiritual insights (the Floating With Spirits project) and profound reflections on life with disabilities (Spots Of Light), this year's projects employ immersive technology that offers viewers deeply personal perspectives and viewing angles that transcend the boundaries of ordinary perception.

Taking flight with the project 21-22 China, viewers are treated to sweeping vistas of China's industrialised landscape from a bird’s-eye view, offering a stark portrayal of the Anthropocene's impact on an environmentally ravaged country. Taking audiences on a harrowing journey through the protagonist’s personal hell, I Took a Lethal Dose of Herbs sets out into the disturbing odyssey of a pro-life activist who is harshly confronted with the consequences of her ideology. These immersive projects not only expand the possibilities of cinematic storytelling but also provide insights into human perception – allowing viewers to experience a slowing down of reality, its fragmentation into micro-particles, and a closer approximation of the inner workings of the human mind.

The fact that our memories are fragmented and that stories cannot be fully understood in linear narration – but perhaps much more accurately through multidimensional immersive storytelling – is demonstrated by the intimate project Remember This Place: 31°20’46’’N 34°46’46’’E. In it, the author presents a compelling reconstruction of the pain and anguish felt by displaced individuals based on the fragmented narratives of Palestinian women.

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