On the Edge of Maturity

The delicate and pivotal phase between childhood and adulthood is marked by a period of self-awareness, acceptance of bodily changes, independence from one’s family, and the development of one's moral compass. It represents a profound personal metamorphosis, during which one attempts to navigate the boundaries of social norms, political liberties, and family acceptance. 

Ilustrační obrázek

In this section of films exploring adolescence and coming-of-age themes, we traverse continents, capturing the intricacies of this transformative phase across diverse cultures, spanning from Argentina to Japan. The nuanced dynamics of bullying in the Japanese film Monster become juxtaposed with the struggles of Kenyan youth grappling with the impacts of climate change (Between the Rains) and the journey of mental emancipation for a sexually enslaved Yazidi girl portrayed in Mediha. The film Manifesto offers an unflinching look at the challenges faced by adolescents navigating contemporary Russia, drawing upon raw and candid social media posts. 

Meanwhile, Canadian teenagers confront the stifling pressure to conform to outdated, binary gender norms, finding solace and acceptance at Summer Qamp, where they can express themselves freely without fear or prejudice. 

In Vai Cavalo, young jockeys in Brazil face immense pressure as they race against time, grappling with the looming threat of age and weight restrictions that could dash their hopes of lifting themselves and their families out of poverty by competing in the children's category. 

Coming to terms with not only physiological but also psychological inevitabilities is no easy feat, as demonstrated by the protagonist of the fictional debut Alemania. Her story illustrates how exhausting it can be to live with someone who is going through an acute phase of mental illness, when that person’s condition influences one’s every decision and even one’s own dreams of personal fulfilment. 

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