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Every year, One World's national competition presents a rich array of documentaries on human rights issues. This year's lineup comprises nine films, each offering a unique perspective. Some investigate national icons, others tackle contemporary social challenges, whilst some cast their gaze towards the future. 

Ilustrační obrázek z filmu

Slovak director Viera Čákanyová's film essay, Notes from Eremocene, offers a singular cinematic exploration of the present through a futuristic lens. Distinctive in terms of both visuals and sound, the film explores new realms of cinematic expression, examining the profound impact of human civilisation on the planet's trajectory. Meanwhile, director Marta Kovářová takes a more direct approach to sustainability with The World According to My Dad, playfully engaging her scientist father in an inter-generational dialogue to advocate for his theory of a unified carbon tax. 

Apolena Rychlíková, in collaboration with Saša Uhlová, embarks upon an exploration into the sustainability of working conditions for the second time, this time within the European context. In Limits of Europe, during her return trips home, the filmmaker explores the precarious labour situations plaguing Germany, France, and Ireland, shedding light on the social burdens borne by individuals who build their lives on this form of employment. 

We are proud to present the distribution premieres of two films that cast a spotlight on two vastly different life narratives. The documentary Is There Any Place for Me, Please? chronicles the journey of a woman whose life was upended by a single moment, showcasing her resilience, personal fortitude, and unwavering determination to forge ahead. Meanwhile, Havel Speaking, Can You Hear Me? revisits the legacy of Václav Havel, with director Petr Jančárek crafting a touching portrait that captures the true essence of the iconic figure as he fulfils his last life-long dream: to make a film. 

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