One World Festival 2024 showcased a rich array of cinematic experiences, including 96 feature-length films, 10 captivating virtual reality projects, and engaging short films tailored for children. An exciting addition to this year's lineup was the inclusion of narrative films exploring human rights themes, adding depth and diversity to the program. Drawing an international crowd, the festival welcomed over a hundred esteemed guests from around the globe, representing not only Europe but also vibrant cultural landscapes from India, Brazil, Colombia, and the United States.

The Prague segment of the festival witnessed an impressive turnout with 21,000 attendees.

For more than a quarter of a century, the One World Festival has been an integral part of the activities of the Czech humanitarian and human rights organization People in Need. Since the festival was established in 1999, it has brought documentaries on human rights from around the world to local audiences, screening them in dozens of towns throughout the country and also at Czech primary and secondary schools. UNESCO has acknowledged One World for its efforts in raising awareness of human rights.

Today, One World is the largest festival of its kind in the world.  

Dozens of guests from all over the world participate every year – not only filmmakers but also protagonists and human rights defenders. Discussions with them are one of the pillars of the program.  

The One World organising team also strives for openness and accessibility to all, including the blind and visually impaired, the deaf and hard of hearing, people with reduced mobility, and those with mental disabilities.  

Ondřej Kamenický has been the festival director since 2017.  

People in Need was founded in 1992, and we are now one of the largest non-profit organisations in Central Europe helping people in 40 countries around the world. In addition to organising One World, we also educate and help people living in social exclusion in the Czech Republic. 

Screenings for schools

Because we know that human rights impact all ages, we have something for our youngest viewers. Every year, we select documentary films adapted for school-age children and for those a bit older, we have a special offer from the festival programme. In addition, moderated discussions are held within the school screenings. The selected offer for schools is accessible all year round and after the festival on the JSNS.CZ portal

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Immersive films (VR)

One World has been involved in interactive projects since 2014 and has become the first Czech festival to introduce a separate annual category focusing on virtual reality films. Every year, the festival showcases about a dozen projects that innovatively draw attention to the threats faced by contemporary society.

Immersive Films Competition
Osoba sedí a má nasazené VR brýle

Debate programme

The debates with directors, film protagonists, human rights activists and Czech experts are as crucial for One World as the screenings themselves. After most screenings, the audience can participate in these discussions (Q&A).

One World in Brussels

Each year in Brussels, we also screen selected films for European politicians and representatives of international organisations. Screening in Brussels is core to our advocacy as these audiences can influence decisions on critical human rights issues.

The One World festival in Brussels will be held in April 2024.

Plné hlediště diváků v Bruselu tleská po projekci
Mladá žena v sedí v předsálí kina a prohlíží si katalog.

Sensitive language

As well as the whole of society, One World evolves and strives to respect and reflect the world we live in as much as possible. The language we use must also closely reflect the world we want. It is a reflection of society and people. And because we try to include and be considerate of everyone, we try to be sensitive and inclusive as much as possible in official festival communication. 

Lidi sedí večer na zahradě u stolečků a sledují promítání filmu

One World in one hundred ways throughout the year with Get Your Audience

Get Your Audience is a platform through which you can screen One World films free and legally to smaller or larger audiences outside the festival season. Licensing of film rights is arranged and paid to rightsholders by One World. Thus, you can download and screen all films easily and without worry, anywhere and to anyone you want – to neighbours in your garden, to friends in a café, or a library, wherever and with whoever you want really.   


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Cooperation with foreign partners

One World participates in Festivals Meet Festivals, a series of seminars and meetings where the organisers of human rights festivals can exchange practical experiences. Several sister festivals have become members of the Human Rights Film Network.

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Sister festivals

One World has long been active in helping establish human rights festivals abroad. In particular, we provide advice concerning the film programme, production and logistics, media and fundraising strategies, as well as accompanying activities and debates after film screenings.

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The One World International Human Rights Film Festival has set out to achieve sustainability of the festival organisation, and to make critical environmental topics available to the public. When preparing and holding the festival, we try to minimise our negative environmental impacts. Our efforts range from the separation of waste, through the reduction of unnecessary waste, to support for local producers and organisations.

At One World, we are also a member of the Green Film Network, bringing together film festivals that address environmental issues and seek to minimise negative impacts on the environment.

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