Child with arms raised sitting atop a wooden structure in the forest.

A New Kind of Wilderness

(A New Kind of Wilderness)

A Norwegian-British family decides to leave the hustle and bustle of the city. But along with independence, their chosen lifestyle brings challenges. After a tragic loss, these will be even more difficult to deal with.

Maria didn’t want to live in a rat race for the best job, the nicest house, and the highest salary. Together with her husband Nik and their children, she decided to live on a small farm in the Norwegian forests. The family’s free life in harmony with nature and their own values, which Maria captured in photos and on her blog, was turned upside down when she succumbed to cancer in 2019. An intimate longitudinal study records how the family copes with her loss as well as the demands of modern society. The story of momentous life decisions and our responsibility towards the planet emphasises the children’s perspective in particular. It is their presence and personalities that help Nik to keep going.

Bio Oko, Františka Křížka 460/15, Praha 7

Interpretation into Czech Sign Language Realtime Translation Captioning
Kamila Dolotina, Moderator
Kristian Tveit, Editor

Světozor Cinema – Small Hall, Vodičkova 41, Praha 1


Prague Municipal Library – Large Hall, Mariánské nám. 1, Praha 1

Eva Soukeníková, Moderator
Dan Vykoukal, Na Zemi
Adam Lalák, Methodist Scio of school
TitleA New Kind of Wilderness
Original TitleA New Kind of Wilderness
Original LanguageEnglish, Norwegian
Subtitles Czech, English
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2024
Country of OriginNorway
Length83 min.
Tags Children and Youth, Lifestyle, Europe
Director Silje Evensmo Jacobsen

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A New Kind of Wilderness