Boy on skateboard performing a trick near steps on a city street.

Skate the City

(Skate the City)

Pippa is 15, lives in Antwerp and loves skateboarding. As she and her friends go to their favourite places in the city, they increasingly find new signs saying “NO SKATEBOARDING”.

Pippa has decided to take things into her own hands and use her story to say what this hobby means to her. In an emotional speech at city hall, she says: “I want to be the voice of young skaters in the city.” Pippa and her best friend Victoria are also troubled by the prejudice they both face from other skateboarders. They decide to organise a large street race in their city.

Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1

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TitleSkate the City
Original TitleSkate the City
Original LanguageCzech
Subtitles (No Subtitles)
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeShort documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginBelgium
Length15 min.
Tags Children and Youth, Lifestyle
Director Lies Van der Auwera

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Skate the City