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One World also caters to its younger audience. Films shown within this category enable children to learn more about the lives of others their own age from different parts of the world.

Ilustrační obrázek

In an animated film, we meet The Girl with Brass Rings from the Kayan tribe, who inhabit the eastern part of Myanmar. Due to vast cultural differences, she finds herself struggling to fit in at school. Meanwhile, in distant Pakistan, where Girl with Goals is set, another girl is faced with challenges, this time due to her own personal failures in football. Her biggest competitor is in fact her sister. The theme of siblinghood is also addressed in the film My Brother Is Deaf. Through the narration of a five-year-old boy, we learn what it's like to live in a family with a hearing-impaired member.

In Girl Away from Home, we follow the promising thirteen-year-old gymnast Nastya from Kyiv, who was forced to leave her home and family due to the war. This “One World for Families” block ends on a positive note with the film Skate the City, where a group of friends, despite bans, refuse to give up what they love most.

A notable new feature in this category is a screening designed to introduce young audiences to problems of the modern world. Two such short films will provide an insight into Afghanistan, where the Taliban's harsh rule includes the suppression of women’s and girls’ rights among other issues.

These films are part of the morning screenings intended for schools. However, you can also catch them at the Family Screenings from 23 to 25 March. Throughout the festival weekend, attendees can also enjoy a guided tour of the projection room and participate in art workshops arranged in partnership with FreeCinema.

Films for younger viewers are dubbed into Czech without subtitles, while the block for older viewers has Czech subtitles. Additionally, the moderation between films and the subsequent workshop is also exclusively in Czech.

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