Men in helmets on horses playing a traditional game.

Riders on the Storm

(Riders on the Storm)

Brothers Khaiber and Kalakov are among the best riders of buzkashi, a traditional sport of the Turkic peoples of north Afghanistan. At the height of the national championship, they are forced to hide from the Taliban as the game is banned.

After 20 years of the war on terror the US military is leaving Afghanistan. The Taliban returns violently to power, chaotically imposes a harsh reign of terror and begins to clamp down on those they deem uncomfortable. This includes Khaiber and Kalakov, masters of a sport whose aim is to capture a goat carcass and place it in the goal. Many regard the two brothers as national heroes but, because of their popularity, the Taliban sees them as potentially dangerous role models who could foment civil resistance. Gripping footage of the cruel sport is interspersed with harsh scenes from the war zone, reflecting the escalating pressure of the pervasive fear for one’s life.

Kino Pilotů – Cinema Hall A, Donská 168/189, Praha 10

Jan Mrkvička, People in Need
Petra Dvořáková, Moderator

Bio Oko, Františka Křížka 460/15, Praha 7

TitleRiders on the Storm
Original TitleRiders on the Storm
Original LanguageFarsi
Subtitles Czech, English
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginAustria
Length101 min.
Tags Dictatorships, Lifestyle, Middle East
Director Jason Motlagh, Mark Oltmanns

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Riders on the Storm