Three children sitting happily outdoors with bushes in the background, baby in one child's arms.

My Brother Is Deaf

(My Brother Is Deaf)

One’s hair is curly, the other’s straight. Aged 5 and 2, they are brothers who play together and romp around like everyone else. But instead of talking they communicate using sign language.

When Bennett was born his parents had no clue that something was different, but over time they noticed that he didn’t react to their voices. When Bennett’s deafness was confirmed, they decided that their younger son would undergo complicated surgery to fit a cochlear implant. His big brother Lincoln recounts how he looked forward to Bennett finally appreciating his jokes. But so far it seems that the implant hasn’t fully transformed their lives. Because his family wants to understand Bennett and allow him to communicate, they all learn the sign language that Bennett might have to use his whole life.

Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1

Relaxed Screening
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TitleMy Brother Is Deaf
Original TitleMy Brother Is Deaf
Original LanguageCzech
Subtitles (No Subtitles)
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeShort documentary
Year of Production2022
Country of OriginUSA
Length10 min.
Tags Children and Youth, Health
Director Peter Hoffman Kimball

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My Brother Is Deaf