Woman gesturing while speaking, Taiwanese flags in background.

Invisible Nation

(Invisible Nation)

The president of Taiwan bears heavy responsibilities – she takes care of democracy in her country, at the same time as standing up to the threat of aggression from China. Through it all, she remains true to her values and her people.

After the approval of their request to film with President Tsai Ing-wen, the crew quickly got close enough to Taiwan’s first female president to make a film about her two terms in office. During the 7 years of filming, she strengthened Taiwan’s independence, improved relations with the US and stood up to China. The film is not just a portrait of a head of state, however: It tells a tale of courage, hopes and dreams, and by providing historical context, conveys the key to understanding the complex situation in a region where world peace is currently at stake. It captures Taiwan’s struggle for international recognition, which means nothing less than the island nation’s right to exist.

Cinema of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, Sněmovní 4, Praha 1

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
Jana Sehnálková, Political scientist
Jolana Humpálová, Moderator
Martin Exner, Member of Parliament

Atlas – Small Hall, Ke Štvanici 371/4, Praha 8

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Lucerna Cinema – Large Hall, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
Magdalena Slezáková, Moderator
Táňa Dluhošová, Sinologist
TitleInvisible Nation
Original TitleInvisible Nation
Original LanguageEnglish
Subtitles Czech, English
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginTaiwan, USA
Length85 min.
Tags Politics, Asia
Director Vanessa Hope

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Invisible Nation