Person in gray outfit lying face down on grass with block on back.

Notes from Eremocene

(Poznámky z Eremocénu)

Today’s era could be called the Eremocene – the Age of Loneliness. What causes the feelings of existential isolation and how can we cope with it?

This film, conceived as a message in a bottle the filmmaker is sending to her future virtual self and the coming generations, begins as follows: “This is a message about what happened to a species – Homo Sapiens – on planet Earth, in the Solar System, the Milky Way, around 13.8 billion years after the estimated date of the creation of the universe.” We live in a world where advanced technologies such as blockchain and AI are developing at breakneck speed. At the same time, undemocratic regimes are flourishing, and the calamity of global climate change and loss of biodiversity is ever more visible. This experimental film using analogue and digitally manipulated footage outlines the impact these times have on individual mental health and on society as a whole.

Evald, Národní 28, Praha 1


Lucerna Cinema – Large Hall, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1

Viera Čákanyová, Director
Tomáš Poštulka, Moderator

Atlas – Small Hall, Ke Štvanici 371/4, Praha 8

TitleNotes from Eremocene
Original TitlePoznámky z Eremocénu
Original LanguageEnglish, Slovak
Subtitles Czech, English
PremiéraCzech distribution premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginCzech Republic, Slovakia
Length78 min.
Director Viera Čákanyová

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Notes from Eremocene