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Julieta & the Turtles in the Plastic Soup

(Julieta & de schildpadden in de plasticsoep)



Praha Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1
Film block Relaxed Screening

About the film

Julieta lives on the Caribbean island of Curaçao and has just turned 15. She feels at home underwater, she loves the magical underwater world, but the garbage she finds while diving annoys and worries her.

Julieta and many volunteers spend hours and hours diving to save sick sea turtles. However, the more often the girl dives to the depths of the sea, the more she becomes aware of how our daily activities affect the environment. She would like to do much more to save the ocean and its animals, and feels that saving turtles plagued by plastic waste and picking up litter are just a drop in the ocean. She finds it increasingly difficult to maintain her optimism and faith in a better future in the face of polluted waters.


Julieta & the Turtles in the Plastic Soup

Original Title

Julieta & de schildpadden in de plasticsoep

Original Language

Czech dubbing



Czech premiere

Year of Production


Country of Origin



15 min.


Mirjam Marks
Mirjam Marks

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Julieta & the Turtles in the Plastic Soup