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After the Silence Was Broken

(Po prolomení ticha)


Praha Atlas – small hall, Sokolovská 371/1, Praha 8
Mikoláš Arsenjev, Director
Praha Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1
Mikoláš Arsenjev, Director
Viktorie Varvařovská, To po tom
Kristýna Benešová, Lawyer and cofounder of Bez trestu
Tomáš Blatný, cofounder of Nahlas initiative
Praha Prague Municipal Library – small hall, Mariánské nám. 1, Praha 1

About the film

The film is an intimate portrait of Marie-Luisa Purkrábková, co-founder of You Don’t! Have to Endure It, which draws attention to sexual harassment and abuse of power in Czech art schools.

For years, the rampant sexism and bullying that exist behind the walls of many Czech universities have escaped media attention. In 2021, Marie-Luisa Purkrábková decided to speak out about toxic university relationships. She invited her DAMU (Faculty of Performing Arts) classmates to do the same. As the co-founder of the feminist initiative You Don't! Have to Endure It, she has become the voice of a humiliated student body for many. In this documentary, she shares the joy of her small successes as well as her doubts regarding how long she can face the pressure of such a responsible role. Scenes from her private life and public appearances create a portrait of a woman who clearly understands that even when pushing for far-reaching changes, one cannot afford to ignore one’s own health.


After the Silence Was Broken

Original Title

Po prolomení ticha

Original Language



English, Czech


World premiere

Year of Production


Country of Origin

Czech Republic


50 min.


Children and Youth, Health, Women's rights, Europe

Mikoláš Arsenjev
Mikoláš Arsenjev

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After the Silence Was Broken