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Girl Who Dreams About Time

(Si-gan-eul kkum-kku-neun so-nyeo)


Praha Prague Municipal Library – large hall, Mariánské nám. 1, Praha 1
Hyuckjee Park, Director
Praha Evald, Národní 28, Praha 1, Praha

About the film

Shamanism is an ancient tradition in Korea. But for teenager Sujin, her supernatural abilities are at best a mixed blessing that complicates her life.

Shamanism is still alive in the Korean countryside. Women in particular devote themselves to it, passing on their knowledge from generation to generation. Kwon Sujin, raised by her shaman grandmother after the death of her parents, began to show her talents at an early age. Since then, they have been helping people who visit them in a remote house in the mountains for twenty years. Sujin reads their future from their hands, helps them make life decisions, and gives advice on relationships, finances, and health. But she herself is at a crossroads – on the one hand, she feels obliged to honour tradition and use her gift; on the other hand, she longs to go to the city to study at university. This quietly flowing film considers whether it is possible to escape one's fate.


Girl Who Dreams About Time

Original Title

Si-gan-eul kkum-kku-neun so-nyeo

Original Language



English, Czech


Czech premiere

Year of Production


Country of Origin

South Korea


111 min.


Lifestyle, Spirituality, Feel Good, Asia

Hyuckjee Park
Hyuckjee Park

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Girl Who Dreams About Time