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The Illusion of Abundance

(La ilusion de la abundancia)


Řevnice Dřevák u nádraží, Pod Lipami, Řevnice
Praha Bio Oko, Františka Křížka 460/15, Praha 7
Monika Brenišínová, Iberoamericanist
Plzeň Moving Station, Koperníkova 574/56, Plzeň
Ostrava Galerie PLATO, Janáčkova 3139/22, Ostrava
Brno Kino Art, Cihlářská 19, Brno
English Friendly
Praha Atlas – small hall, Sokolovská 371/1, Praha 8
Stáňa Tomková, Hra o klima
Tereza Barková, Hra o klima
Ústí nad Orlicí Malá scéna, Havlíčkova 621, Ústí nad Orlicí
Olomouc Muzeum moderního umění (Besední sál), Denisova 824 /47, Olomouc
Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing Assistance Dog
České Budějovice Studiový sál, Český rozhlas ČB, U Tří lvů 244, České Budějovice
Roztoky u Prahy Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky – Historical Hall, Zámek 1, Roztoky
Semily Cinema Jitřenka, Tyršova 49, Semily

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About the film

Máxima, Berta and Carolina are Latina activists. They are fighting tirelessly against the brutal practices of multinationals against nature and indigenous peoples in Peru, Honduras and Brazil.

Máxima, who resisted forced eviction from her property near a gold mine in Peruvian Cajamarca, was severely beaten. Honduran journalist Berta Cáceres, who drew attention to the misconduct of developers in a giant hydroelectric project on the Honduran river Gualcarque, was murdered. Carolina, in turn, is trying to bring to justice the culprits behind the 272 human casualties of a catastrophic toxic waste dam breach in the traditional Brazilian mining region of Minas Gerais. The threads of all three cases converge in this investigative documentary into a global chain leading from Latin America through influential European banks to Asian buyers.


The Illusion of Abundance

Original Title

La ilusion de la abundancia

Original Language

English, Portuguese, Spanish


English, Czech


Czech premiere

Year of Production


Country of Origin

Belgium, Colombia


60 min.


Nature, Politics, Missuse of Power, Latin America

Matthieu Lietaert
Matthieu Lietaert

- Co-Director - THE BRUSSEL BUSINESS , about lobbying in the EU (ARTE, RTBF, ORF) 2012 - Sold to seven other broadcasters. + interactive online project for ARTE at the EU parliament. - Author - NOS CHERS PARADIS (ARTE 2016), a participative film made by 800 EU citizens launched first during COP 21 in Paris. - Co-director - The Illusion of Abundance (post-production, 2022)

Erica Andrea Gonzalez Ramirez
Erica Andrea Gonzalez Ramirez

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The Illusion of Abundance