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The Last Human

(The Last Human)



Praha Světozor Cinema – small hall, Vodičkova 41, Praha 1
Praha Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1
Jacques Joseph, Philosopher

About the film

Life on Earth begins and ends with Greenland. This new film by director Ivala Frank is a tribute to a vast, picturesque country full of contrasts, which attracts with its beauty like a magnet and causes pain with its isolation.

When Greenland scientist Minik Rosing discovered the first traces of life on Earth in a small fjord near Isua, it marked a milestone for human knowledge. Its discovery thus predates all previous discoveries by more than 300 million years. So life began in Greenland. But the melting of its icy masses is accelerating day by day, and scientists worldwide agree that water from Greenland’s glaciers could flood our civilization. Meanwhile, the stories of its current inhabitants, who have grown up with the local landscape, flash in the rays of the present. The film is a visual meditation that swerves between social and personal memory, the global climate crisis and local landscape changes, the testimonies of scientists and the feelings of the local population.


The Last Human

Original Title

The Last Human

Original Language

Danish, English


English, Czech


Czech premiere

Year of Production


Country of Origin

Denmark, Germany, Greenland


73 min.


Nature, Possibilities of the Future, Spirituality, Cost of Safety, Europe

Ivalo Frank
Ivalo Frank

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The Last Human