Structures of Power

The entrenched hierarchy of social status, in which the rich and powerful rule from the upper echelons whilst the marginalised and disenfranchised are stuck at the bottom of the barrel, remains a sad constant of our society. In this year's selection of top ten films exploring the rule of law and its exploitation, we witness the courageous endeavours of individuals and collectives striving to break through the usurping structures of power.

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 The American film Bad Press offers a behind-the-scenes look into a rather peculiar situation where in a country that loudly champions freedom of speech and press, hundreds of Native American tribes still lack their own free media outlets.  

Offering a fresh lens on the American legal system, the thought-provoking film Dogs Are People Too invites viewers to contemplate and challenge conventional notions of animal ownership, presenting diverse viewpoints from passionate dog enthusiasts and scientific experts alike. 

The Dmitriev Affair, meanwhile, turns its focus on Russia, offering a timely examination of its handling of dissent and criticism over the years from past to present. The film delves deep into the repercussions faced by those who dare to challenge the 'government-approved' interpretation of history. 

Political and police abuse of power are also addressed in two fictional titles that immerse us in the lives of marginalised communities. French director of Malian descent Ladj Ly revisits the impoverished suburbs of his upbringing in his film Les Indésirables. Here, he unveils an explosive drama that exposes racially motivated social inequality against the backdrop of a major housing crisis. 

Equally as urgent is the glimpse into the inner workings of society's outermost fringes depicted in the Malaysian-Taiwanese drama Abang Adik. The film follows the journey of two undocumented refugees who are condemned to live on the edge of the law where justice is never on their side. 

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