Our films are greener: Two environmental categories instead of one


Environment comes first for us, and the importance of environmental themes is also reflected in the festival programme – our thematic categories focus on subjects ranging from natural ecosystems to alternative lifestyles.


The deterioration of the environment has not stopped or even slowed. The impacts of climate change are affecting our lives more and more noticeably. One World has therefore decided to give more space to environmental themes in a separate film category. In addition to typical environmental themes, such as climate change, energy, and pollution, the films in the UnEarthed category address issues such as land grabbing, insufficient natural resources, recycling and waste, animal production, and food waste.   

Greenland's awesome glaciers are disappearing and the lives of local people and animals are irreversibly changing, despite the fact that countries around the world agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015 (Guardians of the Earth). Earth continues to melt and time is running out. Are there other options on the horizon? After many years of effort, can a nuclear fusion project be the cleanest energy source (Let There Be Light)?

Climate change affects everyone, but some regions face even more complex issues, such as ocean pollution and dying corals (Blue) or the extinction of endangered species. But there are still people who are trying to bring about change, whether by saving a local nature reserve,  designing a vegan future that will free animals and significantly reduce the human ecological footprint, or participating in an initiative for greener farming (Poets of Life).

Long Live Life!

While UnEarthed more or less continues where the previous year’s category So-called Civilisation left off, the category Long Live Life! expands it. It presents the stories of people who have decided to break away from the pack and approach daily life in a different way, they avoid conventions and battle against the mainstream. Several of the films are closely associated with the topic of sustainability, such as Second Hand Heroes about the owners of bazaars and antique shops who resist the rapid pace of the current world.

Stereotypes about intergenerational dialogue are broken down by a group of 20-year-olds who wish to learn more about their grandmothers (Granny Project). There are also stories of courageous senior citizens, such as Dr Watsa who educates Indians about sex (Ask the Sexpert).

It doesn’t end with the screenings

We’ve organised several accompanying events that will take place during the festival, at which we strive to bring to life and provide access to themes associated with responsible consumption and sustainable production. At the same time, we try to support initiatives and projects that are already underway and functioning. We try not to waste food and we strive to reuse and recycle the waste which has been produced, and all of the refreshments served during the festival are 100% vegetarian. We believe that we can contribute to a better environment for all, and that we can inspire others to join us.

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Our films are greener: Two environmental categories instead of one

Environment comes first for us, and the importance of environmental themes is also reflected in the festival programme – our thematic categories......


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