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Cinema of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic
Sněmovní 4, Praha 1
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Expert Debate on the Film Son of the Mullah


Matouš Horčička


Pegah Moulana


Pegah Moulana is an Iranian diaspora in the UK and since the age of 11 has dedicated her work on human rights, in particular, human rights education across the world, in particular within the legal frameworks.

She was proactively involved with the Woman Life Freedom movement in Czechia and is currently living in exile since 2021 owed to her political and educational activities centring on human rights.

She has been working with institutions such as the European Union, Council of Europe and the United Nations on the urgency to protect refugees and undocumented migrants in Europe. She is currently Secretary General of an environmental youth led NGO (Youth and Environment Europe) based in Prague, centring on educating young people on environmental issues.