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Expert Debate on the Film 20.000 Species of Bees


Kristýna Genttnerová


Kristýna leads for the second year the programming department of QFF Mezipatra, which she joined in 2018 as one of the programmers. She creates also the film programme of multigenre project Kino Utajeno, which focuses on the audience development. Until 2023, she was a programmer at One World IHRDFF in Prague, where she also coordinated the creation and development of the VOD platform One World Online. She started there as a production manager and coordinator of alternative community distribution Get your audience in 2018. She has cooperated in various positions on many other film festivals or distribution platforms (for example DaFilms’ My Street Films) and was a coordinator of KineDok, the alternative distribution programme of Institute of Documentary Film (2015-2018). Kristýna has a master’s degree from Sociology from Charles University in Prague, where she also studied Film Theory and History. 

Tomáš Kufa

Tomáš Kufa


He is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, working mainly in the inpatient wards of the Psychiatric Clinic of the General University Hospital, where he treats patients with the whole spectrum of mental illnesses. In the outpatient sphere, he specializes, among other things, in people with gender dysphoria. His professional interests include psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality, psychotic illnesses.