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Tři úředníci stojí před zbořeným domem.

Foundation Pit

A fascinating montage of online videos where ordinary Russians beg Putin for help. Amusing scenes of people in their living rooms shot in various corners of this complicated country shift to emotionally crippling moments of hopelessness for the protagonists who are at the mercy of their dysfunctional state. This unusual format not only has momentum, but above all it has a lot to say about the situation in Russia.

Barbora Hudečková
— Senior Programmer

One World for All

OW Online tip

Požár v pralese a hasiči stojící v plamenech a snaží se ho uhasit. Všude je dým a plameny.


Czech documentary filmmaker Martin Trabalík travelled to Bolivia to capture the efforts of volunteer firefighters to prevent the burning of the Chiquitano forest. Despite the efforts of environmentalists, this tropical dry forest is still suffering in the name of industrial and agricultural interests. If the film Incendios had an impact on you, you can contribute to the FCBC – Foundation for the Conservation of the Chiquitano Forest. Since 1999, this foundation tries to protect this tropical dry forest on many levels.

Tomáš Poštulka
— Dramaturge Program, Outreach Coordinator

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