ministr kultury Daniel Herman

Daniel Herman

Minister of Culture 


Dear Friends of Documentary Film,

The One World Festival is now in its 19th year, and is therefore approaching the second decade of its existence. During that time it has not only grown into one of the most important cultural events in Prague and the Czech Republic, but has also become the largest human rights documentary film festival in the world.

Such success is due to many things: the capabilities of the organisers, the quality of the films and the thoughtful media support. But none of this alone would make the festival as popular as it has become. The most important factor in my opinion is the ever increasing public interest in human rights issues. Attendance at the festival, which for many years has been above 120,000, is a kind of seismograph of how human rights issues resonate in society.

It seems to me that the most important issue right now is the central theme of this year's festival, which is the art of collaboration. While in the past many phrases about joint work have proven to be so much empty rhetoric, purposeful activity on a common project naturally assumes respect for human rights. Conversely, non-cooperation, confrontation and the intentional raising of borders are fertile ground for various forms of discrimination.

The level of human rights in society is among other things measured by how much they are accorded to its weakest members. With this in mind, this year the organisers have come up with the idea of giving access to ​​the festival programme to a wide range of people with disabilities, from visitors with limited mobility to the deaf and blind and people with mental disabilities. In an effort to further extend the festival's reach, One World also offers projects such as Get Your Audience!

Even these few examples convince me about the meaning and importance of the One World Festival. I am therefore honoured to once again be a patron of the festival in this its 19th year.


Adriana Krnáčová

Mayor of the Capital City of Prague

Dear One World Audience,

Allow me to greet you not only as fans of documentary film, but also as people who are interested in world events. I am very glad that I can talk to you at least in this way.

Taking an interest in the current state of the world is not always satisfying or easy. Every day we are confronted with so much negative news that it is very hard not to create a certain level of resistance in order to make our lives easier. That is why I am so delighted by your interest and also why I have again given the festival my patronage.

The main motto of this year's festival is "The Art of Collaboration". In my opinion this is a very well chosen motto, because collaboration is the only way to change the state of the world for the better. Sometimes it may seem that this is impossible, but succumbing to such a notion would be very dangerous. It has been shown many times in history that goodwill and cooperation bear fruit, while the division of people, nations or states can lead to terrible consequences. It should be borne in mind by all those who create barriers, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful film experience and I hope that the organisers enjoy a problem-free festival. If my duties permit, I will definitely come to see some of the films. Perhaps we will even meet each other at one of the screenings.

Petr Dvořák

Managing Director of Czech Television

Czech Television is the largest domestic producer of documentary films. It is an institution whose task and ambition is to help shape an informed public, open up important issues in the widest possible context, and to create surprising perspectives and new points of view.

People in Need is one of the most important charitable organisations in the country and the One World Festival is a unique project, not only in its human rights focus, but also in terms of the quality of its programme and its ability to bring new topics into the public space – topics that are of central importance in today's fast-paced world.

I therefore see the long-term partnership between the One World Festival and Czech Television as a logical alliance that helps raise awareness about important issues among the largest possible number of viewers, for whom the films are not only interesting, but also inspiring.