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    Ovarian Psycos

    A great film about a group of Mexican and Chicano women from LA who regularly organise a night-time bike ride under the full moon. The whole film is very feminist; the women form a strong community that helps each other, a safe space where they can be themselves without facing daily violence and humiliation. Their families often disagree with the fact that they are out on the streets on their own at night and would prefer to see them at home looking after the household and children. This year, there will be a full moon during One World, so don't forget the bike ride on the night of Sunday, March 12.

    Hana Kulhánková
    Director of One World Festival

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    Normal Autistic Film

    You can read a lot about autism, but thanks to this film you can finally get at least some idea of what it is and what different forms it can take And the film is presented with special subtitles for the deaf and audio commentary for the blind.

    Mariana Chytilová
    One World for All

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    Angry Inuk

    If you thought that the Inuit are a carefree ethnic group living deep in the Arctic Circle away from all the world's problems, you may be surprised at how difficult their economic and environmental situation has been in recent years. Angry Inuk is a controversial film which will force you to rethink whether human rights are superior to the rights of animals and how trying to do good can sometimes have negative consequences.

    Ondřej Kamenický
    One World in the Regions

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    Jackson, which illustrates the perpetual dispute about abortion in the USA, touched me both in terms of its content and visually. It follows the last abortion clinic in Mississippi, and the characters around it – from doctors, to the fanatical anti-abortion warriors, to the powerless April with her fifth unplanned child. The director managed to get very close to the protagonists and presents an incredibly intimate story about one of the most controversial topics in America. And given the current political climate in the United States, the film is still gaining in power and topicality.

    Julie Kárová
    Programming Director of the One World Festival

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    A Young Girl in Her Nineties

    Every year at One World we try to present films that show us that even in old age a person can live a dignified and meaningful life. I worry a lot that when I'm old I'll be a burden to people and will not be able to do the things that make me happy. The film A Young Girl in her Nineties literally shows that one can elegantly dance, awaken tenderness and joy, and move on even from the deepest abyss of the human mind.

    Ondřej Moravec
    Programming Director of the One World Festival

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    Tickling Giants

    Czechs are quite good at coping with tragic events with humour and satire. And as shown in this film, Egyptians are good at it too. You won't be bored.

    Adéla Pospíchalová
    Czech Center for Human Rights and Democratization PIN

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