How did you like One World?

Dear viewers,
thank you for coming to see the festival films in the cinemas and creating an unforgettable atmosphere!

We want to know how you enjoyed the festival, what you liked about it, and what you would have liked to do differently or not at all. Please give us a few minutes by filling out a short questionnaire.

Thanks again and see you next year.
Your festival team


Select from the options or type your answer in the box. Deaf sign language users can submit a response in Czech sign language by inserting a link to the video.

In which city have you*been to the screenings?
How did you hear about the festival?
Do you go to the festival regularly every year?
Which film did you enjoy the most this year?
Where do you look for information about the festival programme?
Do you have an overview of the programme structure and thematic categories?
Does this influence your choice of films?
How do you like the new visual identity of the festival?
Do you follow One World on social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter)?
If yes, on which ones?
Are you comfortable with the content we share?
Is there anything missing that we should be communicating more about?
Have you used the One World website to get information about the festival?
If so, has it been easy to navigate for you?
Did you find everything you were looking for on the website?
Do you mainly use the festival website on a computer or mobile phone?
How do you rate the mobile version of the website? What would you change?
Have you visited the Immersion section (VR)?
Would you recommend it to your friends? Why?
Do you stay for the post-film debates?
Do you make your screening choices based on whether there is a debate after the screening?
Is the translation of the debates into English important to you, or would an English version suffice?
Is there anything you would like in the accompanying programme?
Concert, lectures, workshops?
Did you encounter any shortcomings during the screening or debate?
If so, when and what were they?
Did you personally encounter any barriers (physical, informational, human) while attending the festival?
After One World in theaters, do you watch the films online on the VOD platform
What is the strongest experience you take away from the festival?
Is there anything else you would like to tell us? A complaint or praise?

Thank you and we look forward to next year!