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The film portrays varying forms of an intimate relationship between two very different people: spirited dancer Elena and reserved sign language interpreter Dovydas, who want to stay together despite their differing physical needs.

Though both work with physicality, each sees their body differently: Elena enjoys sexuality and embraces random erotic experiences, while Dovydas is content without sex or physical contact. The film moves between the different stages of their relationship, from their initial chance meeting to the process of building intimacy without sex, as well as arguments and other problems. The film is not only the story of Elena and Dovydas, but also a wider reflection on themes such as open relationships, partner stereotypes and expectations. Thanks to its sensitive treatment of an original theme, the film won a directing award at Sundance.

Lucerna Cinema – Large Hall, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1


Evald, Národní 28, Praha 1

Original TitleSlow
Original LanguageLithuanian
Subtitles Czech, English
Film typeFeature film
Year of Production2022
Country of OriginLithuania, Spain, Sweden
Length108 min.
Tags LGBTQ+, Lifestyle, Europe
Director Marija Kavtaradze

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