Elegant, dilapidated room with columns, balcony, and staircase.

Hotel Metalurg

(Hotel Metalurg)

People who fled their homes during the Abkhaz-Georgian war have been living in crumbling Soviet hotels in the spa town of Tskaltubo, Georgia, for over 30 years. But isn’t it time to move on?

Tens of thousands of people fled the war in Abkhazia in the 1990s. Some of them found lodging in then-luxurious spa hotels in a popular Soviet recreation resort. Since then, the Hotel Metalurg and other neoclassical buildings have sunk into decay. Now it is mostly single mothers and elderly people who are still living in the once splendid surroundings left in the ruins of the Soviet Union. The Georgian government offers them alternative accommodation, but many are unwilling to move. The Georgian-French directorial duo have produced a surreal film about the uprooting and identity of the displaced, who observe happy couples taking wedding photos under the crystal chandelier in the Metalurg, while they themselves reminisce about better times in Abkhazia.

Světozor Cinema – Small Hall, Vodičkova 41, Praha 1


Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomějská 11, Praha 1

Tereza Hronová, Moderator
George Varsimashvili, Director
Jeanne Nouchi, Director
TitleHotel Metalurg
Original TitleHotel Metalurg
Original LanguageGeorgian
Subtitles Czech, English
PremiéraCzech premiere
Film typeFull-length documentary
Year of Production2023
Country of OriginGeorgia, France
Length93 min.
Tags Migration, Cost of Safety
Director George Varsimashvili, Jeanne Nouchi

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Hotel Metalurg