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Seventy-year-old Chantal Birman has dedicated her life to the fight for women's rights. The documentary captures her last days as an assistant to women who have just given birth.

Chantal is always at the ready. She drives from one client to the next, many of whom she finds in tears and on the verge of exhaustion. But among the pain is a flood of joy and endless love. The documentary follows the period of transition from maternity hospital to home care, and subsequent coexistence with a new member of the household through the eyes of an experienced and empathetic woman who can provide professional advice, comfort and support. Between visits, Chantal passes on her life experience to her new successor. This is a unique observational documentary that provides a snapshot from an extremely fragile period in a woman’s life, which is rarely seen on the screen.


Midwives are presented as activists and inconspicuous heroines in the film Sheroes through the strong central figure of Chantal Birman. In the Czech Republic, the Aperio organisation deals with the topic of safe childbirth and prenatal care. Among other matters it offers a counselling centre for expectant parents, various courses for professionals and the public, and has prepared a detailed guide to maternity hospitals in the Czech Republic. You can support them and have a look at the services they offer.

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About the film

2021 / 78 min.

Aude Pépin


Czech, English


Aude Pépin

Aude Pépin

2021 - Sheroes


27. 3.
15:30 h
Praha: Kino Lucerna VS
Open captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing
Miloslava Kramná, coordinator Průvodce porodnicemi - Aperio
31. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Bio Oko
CSL Interpretation Open captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing
Daniela Vorlová, project manager - Aperio

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