The Treasures of Crimea

De Schatten van de Krim

Czech premiere

This gripping court drama covers a long dispute arising from Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Who owns valuable historical artefacts?

In March 2014 an Amsterdam museum held a unique exhibition of ancient Crimean artefacts. The displayed treasures included swords hundreds of years old, gravestones and other rare finds borrowed from Crimean museums thanks to the effort of the exhibition’s curator, archaeologist Valentina Mordvintseva. But while the show was underway, Putin’s troops occupied Crimea and the museum director found himself in an absurd dilemma. To whom should he return the valuable artefacts? To museums in Russian-occupied Crimea? Or to Ukrainian institutions in Kyiv? This dramatic dispute played out in a Dutch courtroom interweaves the interests of Russia, Ukraine and passionate Crimean archaeologists with historical and geopolitical issues and questions of identity and nationalism.

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About the film

2021 / 82 min.

Oeke Hoogendijk

Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian

Czech, English


Oeke Hoogendijk

Oeke Hoogendijk

2021 - The Treasures of Crimea
2021 - Housewitz
2014 - The New Rijksmuseum - The Film


26. 3.
20:00 h
Praha: Atlas VS
Open captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing
Roksolana Dryndak, Ukraine specialist
29. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Světozor VS
CSL Interpretation Open captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing

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