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Jason has a mission: to ensure that child abuse victims finally receive understanding and real help instead of further restrictions of their rights and freedom. But first he must confront his own demons.

Jason, a young man, until recently a girl named Latoya, is recovering from deep trauma, long-term abuse and child sexual violence. In an exceptionally personal documentary, which captures Jason's daily life and extremely demanding therapy sessions up close, the young man gradually reveals his psychological scars so that he can try to overcome and heal them. Jason's extraordinary determination, with which he returns to the pains he experienced while still in a girl's body, helps him to move from passive victim to the path of helping others and the hope of a new beginning in his own life.


Jason, the protagonist of the documentary of the same name, went through a traumatic childhood, which he is coping with thanks to intensive therapy. Had there been more consistent prevention and a better family background, his situation would not have progressed this far. Within the Czech context, the first of these is offered, for example, by the organisation Mental Health for Children (Duševní zdraví pro děti), which seeks to destigmatise mental illness and help ensure that children and parents have someone to turn to.

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About the film

2021 / 92 min.

Maasja Ooms


Czech, English


Maasja Ooms

Maasja Ooms

2021 - Jason
2019 - Punks
2017 - Alicia


25. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Ponrepo
Willemijn Cerutti, producer
Maasja Ooms, director
28. 3.
18:30 h
Praha: Světozor MS
Veronika Andrtová, Deputy Director, Crisis Intervention and Social Worker of the Children's Crisis Center

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