Packing a Wave

Packing a Wave

Czech premiere

Being stranded alone on an island is no fun. This animated short film tells the story of a young girl who finds herself in this situation with nothing but a life jacket. When she comes to on a sandy beach, she can’t help but be amazed.

At first glance, the island looks like a tropical paradise, but a second look reveals something more like a rubbish dump. Reminders of human civilisation are everywhere. Waste is piled on the beach and in the coconut palm forest. Plastic and packaging become traps for the local animals. It’s a depressing picture, but our heroine is determined not to accept the horrible state of the island – or the fact that she’s stranded – and immediately gets down to work. Will she manage to clear the island of waste, so that it can breathe again?

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About the film

2022 / 8 min.

Edu Glez

No Dialogue

(No Subtitles)


Edu Glez

Edu Glez

2022 - Packing A Wave
2003 - From Lost to the River


26. 3.
15:00 h
Praha: Ponrepo
Film block Relaxed Screening
28. 3.
16:00 h
Praha: Světozor MS
Film block Relaxed Screening

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