Eternity at Last

Eternity at Last

Czech premiere

How to outwit death? The documentary presents the ideas of visionaries who refuse to concede that humanity should accept ageing, disease and death as a natural part of our earthly journey.

The opening scene offers an image of ebb and flow as a metaphor for life, which arrives unnoticed and slips through our fingers. Is it necessary to change our entire view of humanity to be able to understand death at all? The film's protagonists are visionaries from various fields who claim that death by old age is not inevitable, even though today it is the most frequent way human life ends worldwide. They then test the possibilities of using modern technologies: gene therapy, cryonics, uploading the mind into a virtual repository, cell rejuvenation. Mankind has always dreamed of immortality – even the heroes of the Epic of Gilgamesh or Greek mythology sought it – and now it seems almost within reach. What price are we willing to pay for eternal life?

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About the film

Germany, Austria
2021 / 92 min.

Stephan Bergmann

English, French

Czech, English


Stephan Bergmann

Stephan Bergmann

2021 - Eternity at Last
2014 - The Last Gigolos


24. 3.
20:30 h
Praha: Ponrepo
Stephan Bergmann, director
29. 3.
17:30 h
Praha: Evald

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