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Twenty-one-year-old Dania lives in a small Christian community in the Faroe Islands. When she moves to the capital, she befriends a local rapper and begins to discover the world from a new perspective.

Dania grew up surrounded by a loving family, faith in God and beautiful Nordic nature. But when she moves away from home, she is faced with a completely different reality. In the capital Tórshavn she meets Trygvi, a hip-hop artist whose music reveals the darkest aspects of the human soul. Dania is fascinated by the sincerity of Trygvi’s lyrics and decides to write a very personal collection of poems in which she explores the themes of Christianity, youth, love and sin. Her friendship with Trygvi gradually grows into a relationship and Dania must deal with a fundamental dilemma. How will she manage to connect two completely different worlds, neither of which she wants to leave?

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About the film

Denmark, Faeroe Islands
2021 / 76 min.

Cecilie Debell, Maria Tórgarð


Czech, English


Cecilie Debell

Cecilie Debell

2021 - Skál
2017 - My Mother Is Pink
2013 - Cecile and Cecilie
Maria Tórgarð

Maria Tórgarð

2021 - Skál
2017 - Frávik


25. 3.
21:00 h
Praha: Světozor MS
28. 3.
18:00 h
Praha: Bio Oko
Cecilie Debell, director
Maria Tórgarð, director

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