Journeys of Freedom

The central thematic section of this year’s festival is devoted to people living in countries where democratic principles are not being upheld, or where there are otherwise difficult living conditions. The films present stories of journeys to freedom from, among others, the places where People in Need’s human rights and humanitarian and development sections are active. 

This is the second year that we are closely watching the situation in Belarus. The film Voice is the powerful testimony of a protest participant who had to leave the country for reasons of personal safety. The young protagonists of When a City Rises, which plays out at the heart of protests in Hong Kong, are in a similarly difficult situation. The documentary Our Memory Belongs to Us introduces the broader context together with a focused retrospective look at the protests in Syria.  

The film F@ck This Job is a fascinating longitudinal documentary shot from within the editorial office of the independent Russian television station TV Dozhd, tracking how it has developed over almost twenty years in Putin’s Russia. No less riveting are the two decades spent in Afghanistan with a boy named Mir, who leads us through his life in a film aptly titled My Childhood, My Country – 20 Years in Afghanistan.  

The documentaries So Foul a Sky and zo reken are both characterised by their exceptional formal qualities. The first is a captivating road movie through the socially and economically devastated Venezuela, while the second is a probe into life in the capital of Haiti, which was shaken by a powerful earthquake in 2010 as well as by the subsequent aid provided by humanitarian organisations, a topic which is very openly discussed by Haitians in the film.

Starší hongkongští muži v reflexních vestách a s ochrannými maskami stojí na ulici a demonstrují. Tváří se odhodlaně a drží se za ruce.

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