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The latest. The most innovative. The most thematically diverse. This crème de la crème of current documentaries focusing on human rights is what viewers will find in our International Competition section. It includes films where the urgency of the topic is combined with a strong directorial approach. 

The themes this year are extraordinarily diverse. One example is Polish director Hanna Polak’s magnificent film Angels of Sinjar. Here, the horrifying story of Yazidi genocide and Yazidi women held captive is shown from both men’s and women’s perspectives and provides a clear recapitulation of the situation. Environmental themes are covered in the Finnish documentary Just Animals. This coming-of-age drama follows the story of a young animal rights activist who, however, often runs up against her own limits, as well as those imposed by her surroundings. This story, seen though her young eyes, is complemented by a fresh, dynamic style and original directorial ideas. 

The film Children of the Mist presents a fascinating ethnographic study about life in a Vietnamese village. If you thought that the kidnapping of women and forced marriages were a thing of the Middle Ages, the young Vietnamese director  Diễm Hà Lệ will open your eyes to reality. Another film set partly in Asia is A Marble Travelogue. A documentary jukebox filled with surprises plays games with the viewer’s attention and, through amazing footage, gradually reveals the ways in which China is inconspicuously sinking its claws into other corners of the globalized world. 

The above is just a sample of the ten unique experiences which represent the best that contemporary documentary productions have to offer.


Chodba se skříňkami je osvětlená fialovým neonovým řetězem. Na konci chodby sedí mladá žena ve spodním prádle a na hlavě má masku ptáka.

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