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One World never forgets its youngest viewers. In the Docs for Kids category we present films made for children that allow them to learn about their peers from around the world.

The protagonist of Bertha and the Wolfram is a 12-year-old girl whom Wolfram accompanies at every step. But Wolfram is neither a friend nor a dog. It is a rare syndrome that causes Bertha to have very poor vision. This, however, is no obstacle for Bertha. Quite to the contrary, it motivates her to help others who have the same condition. Teenage Roos, the protagonist of the film Jules & I, used to have a brother Jules – but things have changed: Jules is no longer a boy, and so Roos is now growing up with an older sister, rather than a brother.

Being stranded alone on a desert island is no fun. The animated short film Packing a Wave is the story of a young girl who finds herself in this situation. When she comes to on a sandy beach, she can’t help but be amazed.  What at first glance appears to be a tropical paradise is quickly revealed to be a huge rubbish dump. Will our protagonist succeed in cleaning up the waste and freeing the local animals? Last but not least is the film #lockdocks, which will surely touch all of us. Spain, the Netherlands, Italy – during “COVID times”, it doesn’t matter where you live. When there’s a lockdown, you can’t go outside, not even to school. This documentary, pieced together from various experiences and narratives, shows how children in different countries dealt with this difficult period.

All the films are included in the morning screening for schools, but they are also accessible during the Screenings for Parents and Children during the festival weekend.

Šest dospívajících dětí sedí u stolu a hrají hru.

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