Screening: The Earth Is Blue as an Orange

Cinema 35, French Institute in Prague, Štěpánská 35, Prague 1

Čtyři dospívající děti stojí ve skupince na břehu jezera.

The Earth Is Blue as an Orange (dir. Iryna Tsilyk, UA, LT, 2020, 74 mins)

The Earth Is Blue as an Orange is based on the observation of a family who live in Krasnohorivka, a small city in the “red zone“ of Donbas, one of the most destroyed after shellings in 2014. Military actions have been ongoing in the East of Ukraine. Many people from the civilian population were injured and lost their homes. But the life goes on. Anna is a single mother. She has daughters Mira & Nastya, sons Vlad & Stas, as well as the dog, six cats and the turtle. The whole family became a small “film-production”: they try to shoot films by themselves to cope with their experience during the war. Nastya is the director, Mira is DOP, their mom is trying to learn film editing, and they use their small boys as the actors. Given the fact they use their own experience as material for shootings, it is an impressive storyline of the film which presents a life-affirming story. The war in Ukraine is still going on. But the life in the war zone is still going on too.

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