Premiere of the Voxpot reportage project: In the Shadow of China

06. 03. 20:30h

Ponrepo, Bartolomějská 11, Prague 1

For our latest reportage we set out on a journey across Central Asia to China’s border provinces. We observed the first manifestations of the New Silk Road megaproject, as well as how China influences the politics in neighbouring countries through investing in infrastructure projects. We also tracked the efforts to “re-educate” the ethnic and religious minorities, whom China considers to be a threat to the plans for a unified great China.

This is the first major Czech report on this topic – a report for anyone who wants to gain a better idea about this emerging global superpower.

The Voxpot reportage channel follows current events worldwide, and its reporters transform their findings into visually appealing, information-packed reports.

The report will be screened in Czech with Czech subtitles. It will be followed by a Q&A session with the Uyghur activist Gheyyur Kurban, who is a representative of the World Uyghur Congress. Admission to the event is free. Click here to reserve a place.  

This event was made possible with the support of European Parliament.

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