One World 2020 has run but couldn’t finish. Next year it will take place from 10 to 28 May.

Last week, the last regional festivals of the 22nd edition of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival One World, were scheduled to take place. Today was meant to be the time of celebrations. Unfortunately, in the time of Coronavirus, as the year 2020 will be remembered, it couldn’t go as planned even in replacement dates. The festival was interrupted in its traditional date to protect health of audience and new dates were set up for Autumn. Although the festival has spread from March to October it still had to be shut down early, even for the second time. With regard to staggering amount of energy expended in this irregular situation by the regional teams in particular, the organising team of the festival decided to perform the 23rd One World festival in new dates and a modified format. The One World 2021 festival will run from 10 to 28 May. 

"After the interruption in March, we decided to continue with Autumn edition mainly because of the regional festivals, which could not take place at all. We were extremely pleased that the vast majority of regional teams decided not to deprive viewers in their cities of the festival experience and to devote twice as much time and effort to this year's event. We are all the more sorry that, even at an alternate dates, some cities were unable to hold the festival a second time. Anyway, hats off to all the regional teams. I can’t thank them enough for their work and dedication despite the fate,” says festival director Ondřej Kamenický. 

Facing the unfavourable development of the situation and the ever-worsening conditions for the organizing cultural events, some cities whose replacement dates were scheduled for the second half of October decided in September or early October not to continue in preparations. Other One World festivals have taken place under very limited conditions. Government measures taken with the second wave then unfortunately put a definitive stop to festivals in Znojmo, Tábor and Liberec. 

"Normally, these days, we would be fully engaged in preparing next year festival. Unfortunately, normal circumstances can’t be expected for a while, it seems. It is necessary not to give up and to try to adapt to this new situation. But for that, you need to pause for a moment, take a breath, build new strength, and reflect on the possibilities. That's why we decided to reschedule. We altogether want to think about how the festival has to adapt and what good we can find for the audience, for everyone involved in the organisation of the festival and for the future form of the festival as such," summarises the festival's executive director Lenka Lovicarová's reasons for moving the festival's date to May 2021. 

JS Plzeň 2020 - debata ke snímku Kolektiv - Petr Leyer
JS Plzeň 2020 - debata ke snímku Kolektiv - Petr Leyer

One World 2020 has run but couldn’t finish. Next year it will take place from 10 to 28 May.

Last week, the last regional festivals of the 22nd edition of the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival One World, were scheduled to take...

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