Venues and Partners

The NGO People in Need, in cooperation with Plán B, the Lužánky Leisure Time Centre, the Brno Tourist Information Centre, the Moravian Gallery in Brno and HaDivadlo Theatre. The One World Festival is supported by the Statutory City of Brno.
Plán B is an NGO which has been organizing free time activities for youngsters in the Labyrint Club (Brno – Bohunice) for over 10 years and has run the Volunteer Centre 67 (Dobrovolnické centrum 67, Lidická 50) since 2010. The Volunteer Centre 67 provides young people with information on volunteering in Brno/the Czech Republic/the world; space for developing their own projects; fundraising consultation and interesting evening programmes.
Cinema Art, which has been operating since the 1920s, traditionally hosts sophisticated and artistic programmes. The Brno film club has worked in the cinema for several years. After a reconstruction in 1990, the cinema returned into service. Presentations for students, festivals and parades regularly take place here.
Lužánky - Leisure Time Centre  is a regional facility that arranges spare time activities for people of all ages and social groups. It is the oldest and largest facility of its kind in the Czech Republic. The centre organizes school projections and special shows for elementary and high schools as part of the One World Film Festival and is also a patron of the festival.
Moravian gallery in Brno - Museum of Applied Arts, the second largest art museum in the Czech Republic, is exceptional for the wide range of artistic disciplines it covers. It is the only institution in the coutry collecting visual art that is concerned with painting, drawing, graphic art and sculpture – from the past and the present – as well as photography, applied art and design. 
Břetislav Bakala Centre is mainly used for hosting festivals for the Cultural Centre of Brno: European Cinema Days, Tmavomodrý Festival (Deep Blue Festival), Brněnská šestnáctka, etc. It is also used for educational programmes and concerts.

Contact us:

Kateřina Petrášová,, +420 774 628 627