Climate change: No longer someone else’s problem

Guests: Joana Setzer

12. 03. 19:00h

Kino 35, Štěpánská 35, Prague 1

Moderátoři": "Vojtěch Boháč, Voxpot

The effects of climate change are felt today in the island nation of Kiribati and all over the world. But what can we, as citizens, do to mitigate the often-disastrous influence of global warming? 

Joana Setzer worked as an environmental lawyer in Brazil for eight years. As a post-doctoral fellow at the London School of Economics, her current research focuses on climate litigation and legislation, and with a particular focus on subnational climate policies and action. 


Anote's Ark

Anote Tong used to be the president of Kiribati. His ark is an island state with hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, but climate change and rising oceans are taking away his home.